Life-365 New Release - Version 2.2.1

Life-365 is a standard model developed for predicting the Service Life and Life-Cycle Cost of Reinforced Concrete exposed to chlorides. It follows research-based methodology developed by the Life-365 Consortium I and II groups of companies, that gives estimates on the effects of design, chloride exposure, environmental temperature, high-performance concrete mixture proportions, surface barriers, and steel types on the service life and life-cycle cost of steel-reinforced concrete structures.

Currently, version 2.2.1 of the standard model was released during July, 2013. Click here to be directed to a dedicated website for a detailed overview and to download the model free of cost.

The Consortium welcomes and needs industry input for further development of the model. The goals of the development process will be in harmony with ACI Committee 365 - Service Life Prediction.