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October 24 - 28, 2010
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Chapter 4 - Producing Silica-Fume Concrete
Preventing Plastic-Shrinkage Cracking

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As noted earlier, silica-fume concrete usually does not bleed. While the lack of bleeding is certainly a benefit for strength and durability, it does make the concrete more susceptible to plastic shrinkage cracking. The keys to overcoming the tendency for plastic shrinkage cracking are to understand the phenomenon and to be prepared ahead of the placement to take the necessary preventative steps.

The potential for plastic shrinkage cracking in silica-fume concrete will increase with lower water-cementitious materials ratios and with increasing amounts of silica fume in the concrete.

A more detailed discussion of plastic shrinkage cracking and preventative measures may be found in ACI 305R-91, "Hot Weather Concreting" and in ACI 308-92, "Standard Practice for Curing Concrete."